Question: What is the secret word in Nessy?

What is the secret password for Nessy?

lochsmith The default password is: lochsmith Nessy recommends that this is changed within Admin Settings to one of your own choosing.

What is a Nessy name?

Nessy. as a name for girls is a Greek name, and Nessy means pure, holy; butterfly. Nessy is an alternate spelling of Agnes (Greek). Nessy is also a form of Vanessa (Greek). STARTS WITH Ne-

How do you reset Nessy targets?

Removing current targetsLog in to the Admin & Reports section.Search for your student in the Find Student box and click on the Nessy Reading & Spelling icon.To remove current targets click on the red Reset Targets button.20 May 2021

How do I get a Nessy number?

To display a report, type the student name in Find Student and select the icon for Nessy Numbers....To start using Nessy Numbers:Log in with your Secret Word (this has been emailed to you).Create a monkey to add a new student.Select Nessy Numbers from the signpost screen and choose an island.

What is Nessy reading and spelling?

Nessy Reading & Spelling (NRS) is an adaptive program that generates tailored lessons to help the individual student target areas of weakness in their learning. NRS consists of 100 lessons over 10 islands which each focus on one literacy topic.

What age is Nessy good for?

It is designed for children 6-11 years old, although many older students find the program helpful. Nessy is not just for dyslexia. All students benefit from Structured Literacy based upon the Science of Reading.

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