Question: Does Yasmin said have a child?

How old is Yasmeen said?

About 21 years (2000) Yasmin Said/Age

When was Yasmin said BORN?

2000 (age 21 years) Yasmin Said/Date of birth

Where was Yasmin said BORN?

Nairobi, Kenya Yasmin Said/Place of birth

Who is Marias real husband?

Robert Khula Budi who plays the role of Trevor in Citizen TVs hit show Maria officially tied the knot to his long-time girlfriend in a one of a kind beach wedding. Budi, who is also former Mr. Kenya, said I do to his fiancé in a private ceremony at Ukunda, Mombasa County, attended by close friends and family.

Who is Maria in mother in law?

Popular actor Sophia Muhia who plays Maria in the Citizen TV hit show Mother in Law opened up about her divorce which pulled the curtain on her 16-year marriage. Speaking in a recent interview, Muhia explained that her marriage became rocky upon the realization that she was expecting a third child.

Are Tobi and Kobi twins in real life?

Belinda Joanna (Kobi) and Linda Alexette (Tobi) are one of the most unique sets of actors in Kenyas film industry since they are identical twins in both real life and on-screen.

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