Question: Is ABRSM theory online?

From August 2021, all candidates will access their online Music Theory exams via their own ABRSM accounts. Once the link is there, candidates can take their exam on any date and at any time within 28 days of booking the exam.

How long is an ABRSM theory exam?

How long do exams take?PracticalMusic TheoryKeyboard subjectsGrade 1*12 mins90 minsGrades 2 & 3*12 mins90 minsGrades 4 & 5*15 mins120 mins6 more rows

What is the pass mark for Abrsm Grade 5 2020?

50 marks Each Grade 1 to 5 Music Theory paper is marked out of a total of 75, with 50 marks required for a Pass, 60 for a Merit and 65 for a Distinction. Each Grade 6 to 8 Music Theory paper is marked out of a total of 100, with 66 marks required for a Pass, 80 for a Merit and 90 for a Distinction.

Is merit in Abrsm good?

Anyhow... A merit means you have passed well. There is more to music than 2 or 3 trifling marks higher or lower in an exam.

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