Question: Why wont Raul repair my stuff?

He must first be dismissed as a companion (for the best) before repairs can be done. Dismissing him to the Lucky 38 will not enable repairs either. Raul has a Repair skill of 100, and its very expensive to utilize him for fully repairing items.

Where does Loyal go after Volare?

Loyal may go missing after completing Volare! This is because the hanger with the B29 is replaced with another cell. Loyal may be stuck in the old cell. Loyal may be found passing through Black Mountain after killing all Nightkin guards.

How do you get Cassidy to follow you?

The objective relating to Cassidy Caravans must be completed before Cass will follow the player character. If one has a human companion with them when attempting to recruit Cass, one will need to send them away to allow Cass to follow the player character.

Where is loyal Nellis?

He actually seems to appreciate the Couriers help. Loyal can be found eating breakfast in the mess hall & munitions storage from 8:00-10:00 am, then in the southern hangar of Nellis or in his house, which is the farthest to the left of the three barracks, on the back side of the two main hangars.

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