Question: How long will a Nissan 350Z last?

Longevity really depends on the use case, as well as maintenance and how well the owner has taken care of the vehicle. Generally speaking, You can expect a Nissan 350Z to last around 250,000 miles on average, provided the vehicle is serviced regularly and maintained properly.

How many miles can you put on a Nissan Z?

Some even got as far as 250,000 miles; however, they stressed the importance of maintaining the engine and the car as a whole. So, hitting 200,000 miles with the 370Z is very much possible as long as you are willing to take proper care of it.

Whats a good mileage for a 350Z?

Nissan 350Z: on the road Engines will do 300,000 miles without trouble given regular oil changes, but beware high oil thirst โ€“ especially on 296bhp unit.

What is a good mileage for a 350Z?

Find and Compare Cars2005 Nissan 350zPersonalize Find a car6 cyl, 3.5 L, Manual 6-spd CompareFuel EconomyEPA MPGPremium Gasoline 20 combined city/highway MPG 17 city 23 highway 5.0 gals/100 miles11 more rows

How many miles is bad for a 350Z?

Re: 350z engines.. they last long? (Andy_V35Sky_350GT) VQs are rated good for 250k miles one of the reasons why it has been on Wards 10 Best Engines every year for the past 13 years. However you are not guaranteed those miles, because it all depend on how you drive and take care of the engine.

Is the 2003 Nissan 350Z reliable?

Overall, though, you should have little to fear. The company has a good reliability record, and Warranty Direct says that only 20% of Nissans require any attention. The only complaints about the 350Z concern knocking noises from the rear suspension, but this appears to be rare.

How long do VQ35DE engines last?

Life expectancy is around 200,000 miles. In conclusion owners of the VQ35DE contained within the 350Z or G35 should be thankful the engine has been used in a wide variety of cars and SUVs over the last eighteen years.

What is a good mileage for a Nissan 350Z?

2008 Nissan 350zEPA MPGOwner MPG Estimates2008 Nissan 350z 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Manual 6-spd2008 Nissan 350z Roadster 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Manual 6-spdPremium GasolineView Estimates How can I share my MPG?20 combined city/highway MPG 17 city 24 highway 5.0 gals/ 100 miles8 more rows

Is Nissan 3.5 a good engine?

Its a long running engine โ€“ best known for its use in the 350Z and G35 โ€“ that Nissan is still making to this day. The 3.5 V6 offers 228-300 horsepower, depending upon the specific model. The VQ35DE is a great performance engine that also offers solid reliability and longevity. However, no engine is perfect.

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