Question: Is Nessy a good program?

Nessy Reading and Spelling Now in its 16th year and used by thousands worldwide, this evidence-based, Orton-Gillingham program is successfully helping children learn to read & spell. Nessy is recommended by professionals.

Is MultiLit synthetic phonics?

They can also be used alongside MiniLit and MiniLit Sage, as well as other synthetic phonics programs. InitiaLit Readers are available in printed versions or via a subscription to our MultiLit eLibrary, which contains all three series of InitiaLit Readers. Full sets of 60 individual decodable Reader titles per set.

Is InitiaLit synthetic phonics?

The phonics component of InitiaLit is based on a synthetic phonics approach, which research has shown is the most effective way to help children learn to decode words accurately and fluently. Synthetic phonics teaches children the alphabetic principle explicitly and systematically.

Can MultiLit be done online?

Lessons can be completed either at the MultiLit Literacy Centre, online or a combination of both.

What is synthetic phonics teaching?

Synthetic phonics instruction focuses on teaching each individual letter sound and having kids try to sound each letter or letter combination (like th, sh) one at a time and then try to blend those back into word pronunciations.

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