Question: Can a sentence start with Weil?

You can also flip the sentence and start with “weil”. But take care, that the second sentence part needs to begin with a verb then: Weil ich nicht gut schlafe, bin ich müde. Weil wir keine Arbeit haben, haben wir kein Geld.

What is subordinate clause and its types?

There are three different kinds of subordinate clauses: adverb clauses, adjective clauses, and noun clauses. Each of these clauses are introduced by certain words.

How do you pronounce Ernst?

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What are some examples of a subordinate clause?

Examples of Subordinate Clauses:Because I said so (I=subject; said=verb)When I was five (I=subject; was=verb)Since it will rain today (it=subject; will rain=verb)Who is my best friend (not written as a question-who=subject; is=verb)If you pass the test (you=subject; pass=verb)

What are the example of subordinate clause?

For example, in the sentence I played out until it went dark, the phrase until it went dark is the subordinate clause because it requires additional information in order to make sense. Subordinate clauses contain a subject noun and a verb.

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