Question: Why did Loki take the eye?

Loki used a device to send an image of Schafers eye to Bartons location, and open the warehouse using the projection of the eye to pass a retina scanner. Outnumbered, Loki allowed himself to be captured, secretly plotting to use this to his advantage.

How did Thor get his arm and eye back?

When Galactus fuses the power cosmic with Thor, he is reborn like all others before him. Or in this case, regrown, emerging with long blond hair, no beard, and all his limbs and body parts intact. With the ability to manipulate matter, Thor is able to regrow his own limb to make himself whole once again.

What color is Lokis eyes?

In fact, Tom Hiddlestons eyes are blue and he had to use effects in Thor because Lokis eyes are green. In The Avengers his eyes are blue because of his scepter.

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