Question: How do you know if a Dutch guy is serious about you?

Are Dutch guys faithful?

Dutch guys find it important that women think they are honest (36%) and loyal (35%), according to the Volkskrant research. Only 1% of Dutch men say he finds it important that women think he is wealthy! A Dutch man does not care for bragging! So, are dutch men rich?

How do you call your boyfriend in Dutch?

A common term of endearment in Dutch is lieve and its diminutive form liefje. These respectively mean “dear” and “little dear”.

How do you flush a Dutch toilet?

0:153:47How to handle a DUTCH TOILET? - YouTubeYouTube

How do you say goodnight in Dutch?

More Examples of Good night in DutchGoedenacht. Droom maar lekker. Good night. Sweet dreams.Slaap wel. Good night., Sleep well!Welterusten, mama. Good night, Mom.Ik zei hem goedenacht. I wished him a good night.Goedenacht. Good night!, Goodnight!

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