Question: Where is Ghent Burgundy?

Ghent, Flemish Gent, French Gand, city, Flanders Region, northwestern Belgium. Ghent lies at the junction of the canalized Lys (Leie) and Scheldt (Schelde) rivers and is the centre of an urban complex that includes Ledeberg, Gentbrugge, and Sint-Amandsberg.

What language is spoken in Ghent?

Dutch As the official language in Flanders and Ghent is Dutch, we recommend a basic knowledge of the language. Therefore students are advised to start learning Dutch before their arrival in Ghent or to take a Dutch course upon arrival in Ghent.

Was Ghent part of Burgundy?

Belgium is full of traces of the Burgundian glory: our museums, the Brussels City Hall, and the entire cities of Bruges and Ghent are Burgundian art.

Is Ghent French speaking?

Belgium has three official languages. Flemish Dutch, French and German. While researching for my trip to Bruges (and more recently, Ghent), I frequently read that it is more polite to address someone in English than French; obviously, thats if you cant speak Dutch!

What is Ghent famous for?

Ghent is well known for its large public squares and marketplaces, chief among which is the Vrijdagmarkt (“Friday Market”), the centre of the life of the medieval city. Of Ghents many famous medieval monasteries, the most notable are the ruined 7th-century abbey of St.

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