Question: Does Isaac resurrect Dracula?

He dies from the fight, and Hector does not fall victim to the curse. Zead, who is actually Death, is forced to use Isaacs body for Draculas resurrection when he had originally planned to use Hector instead. Hector, when told by Julia that there is no other way, grants Isaac this in the end.

Does Isaac save Hector?

While Isaac vanquishes Carmilla and her minions during an exciting battle sequence in episode 6, he decides to ultimately spare Hector despite his role in Draculas fall.

Is Dracula really dead in Castlevania?

Dracula is one of the shows most compelling characters and his death is a devastating moment, despite all the pain hes caused. Ultimately, not even the combined efforts of Trevor, Alucard and Sypha could vanquish him.

Does Hector escape Carmilla?

No longer under the spell of the ring, Hector cuts off all control over his night creatures by Carmilla.

Is Lenore in love with Hector?

3) (yes thats right there is a third possibility) Hector falls in love with Lenore Beauty and the Beast style.

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