Question: Is Mitcham in Surrey or London?

Mitcham is a popular district of south London in the London Borough of Merton. Its centred just over seven miles (11.5 km) south-west of Charing Cross. Regarded as a suburb, its on the border be-tween Inner London and Outer London, and was historically in the county of Surrey.

Which London borough is Wimbledon in?

Merton Wimbledon, neighbourhood in Merton, an outer borough of London. Located about 8 miles (13 km) southwest of the City of London, it is the site of the annual All-England Championships, better known as the Wimbledon Championships, in lawn tennis.

What areas does Merton Council cover?

The boroughs five main town centres are:Wimbledon (taking in Wimbledon Village, the Broadway and South Wimbledon)Mitcham.Morden.Raynes Park.Colliers Wood.

How far is Wimbledon from London?

7 miles London to Wimbledon by trainJourney timeFrom 13mDistance7 miles (11 km)Frequency412 trains per dayFirst train05:00Last train01:425 more rows

Does Wimbledon have a dress code?

There is no dress code for Wimbledon spectators, however, dressing smartly is encouraged, especially if frequenting Centre Court or Court Number One. After all, if the players make an effort with their outfits – within the strict confines of the all-white colour code, mind – spectators should want to follow suit.

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