Question: Was lilyhammer popular in Norway?

The popularity of Lilyhammer Lilyhammer debuted in Norway on the national television channel NRK on 25 January 2012. The opening episode achieved record viewing figures of 998,000, which is remarkable if you consider the countrys population stands at just 5.3 million.

Was Lilyhammer shot in Norway?

The series premiered in Norway on 25 January 2012. It was commissioned by NRK1 from Norwegian Rubicon TV AS, in association with Netflix and German-owned distributor Red Arrow International. The second season was filmed on location both in Norway and New York City during the first four months of 2013.

Do they speak Norwegian in Lilyhammer?

He understands Norwegian, but doesnt speak it, which happens over there quite often. Its actually a very tough language. So, the fact that the guy speaks English brings the American audience immediately into the show, and you start to live the show the way the character does, experiencing Norway the way he does.

Is Lilyhammer a dream Silvio?

Some fans have theorized that the whole of Lilyhammer is a dream being had by Silvio in his coma. Had you heard that one? I have heard people say its Silvio, come out of his coma and in witness protection. Its fine.

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