Question: Who is Magni and Modiin Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, Móði (Old Norse: [ˈmoːðe]; anglicized Módi or Mothi) and Magni [ˈmɑɣne] are the sons of Thor. Their names translate to Wrath and Mighty, respectively. Rudolf Simek states that, along with Thors daughter Þrúðr (Strength), they embody their fathers features.

What is Magni the god of?

Magni is the Norse god of strength. He is the son of Thor and the giantess Járnsaxa, and the brother of Móði.

Are Magni and Modi gods?

Magni and Móði (Old Norse: strength and bravery) are a pair of minor deities in Norse mythology. They are sons of the god Thor, said to be embodiments of their fathers traits.

Who is the mother of Magni and Modiin Norse mythology?

In Norse mythology, Magni is the prodigious son of the Aesir god Thor and his lover, the jötunn Járnsaxa. Through his father he is the elder half-brother of Móði (referred to in game as Modi) and Þrúðr (referred to in dialogue as Thrud), and through his mother is the half-brother of Heimdallr.

Who is the son of Thor in Norse mythology?

Odin Jörð Thor/Parents

Do Modi and Magni survive Ragnarok?

Magni and Modi, the sons of Thor, survive and inherit Thors hammer Mjolnir. It is important to remember that as well as being a weapon, that hammer was used to sanctify important events such as births, marriages, and coronations, so it would have been a vital tool for rebuilding the world.

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